Tom Lane wrote:
Darcy Buskermolen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I'm observing high CPU usage (95%) of a 2.6GHz opteron by the stats
collector on an 8.2.3 box  investigation has lead me to belive that the
stats file is written a lot more often that once every 500ms  the
following shows this behavior.

Looks like someone broke the usage of PGSTAT_STAT_INTERVAL between 8.1
and 8.2 ... it's waiting 500 microseconds, not the intended 500

Good catch. I am also a bit dubious about this code:

       input_fd.fd = pgStatSock; = POLLIN | POLLERR;
       input_fd.revents = 0;

       if (poll(&input_fd, 1, PGSTAT_SELECT_TIMEOUT * 1000) < 0)
           if (errno == EINTR)
                    errmsg("poll() failed in statistics collector: %m")));

       got_data = (input_fd.revents != 0);

AIUI you are not supposed to put POLLERR in the events field. We should probably be setting POLLIN | POLLPRI, and we should also probably check exactly what event was returned in revents.



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