On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 15:49 -0800, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Jeff,
> > Right now they are just constants defined in a header, but a GUC might
> > make sense. I'd like to know which version is more acceptable when I
> > submit my final patch.
> As much as I hate the thought of more GUCs, until we have a solid 
> performance profile for synch scan we probably need them.  You should 

I will include them in the final patch then. 

> include the option to turn synch_scan off, such as by setting 
> synch_scan_threshold to -1.


> Oh, and remember that these now need to be able to take K/MB/GB.

Will do.

> These options should probably go in postgresql.conf under QUERY TUNING, 
> with their own sub-head.

That makes sense to me.

        Jeff Davis

PS: Did you happen to get my patch for testing (sent off-list)? If
testing will take a while, that's OK, I'd just like to know whether to
expect the results before feature freeze.

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