Pavel Stehule wrote:

ISTM you are trying to do too much. We need to get the base functionality, as described by Tom in the thread I referred you to, working first. Extra stuff could be added later if necessary.


I don't wont to build cathedral. Now is time for discussion, no? I am collect any arguments. With "enhanced" custom variables we can fill modules hole in plpgsql or any pl. With it security definer's procedures in any languages can safety share values. I worked on large wramework designed for plpgsql, and we had to store some temp values in temporary tables. Safe custom variables can be solution. It's only idea, nothing more.

Right now the main uses I have seen referred to only involve doing custom variables right, rather than exposing any extra API. For example, in plperl we might have a variable that contains a list of modules considered safe to load, and preload them. We would obviously want that to be PGC_SUSET, at least. But this only needs DefineCustomFooVariable() to work right. Nothing would need to be exposed to plperl itself, and no extra functionality is needed for at the C level. If you think there's a case for some extra functionality to be exposed, maybe you could provide some more examples / use cases.



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