On Fri, 9 Mar 2007, ITAGAKI Takahiro wrote:

"Pinned" means bufHdr->refcount > 0 and you don't distinguish pinned or recently-used (bufHdr->usage_count > 0) buffers in your patch.

Thank you, I will revise the terminology used accordingly. I was using "pinned" as a shortcut for "will be ignored by skip_pinned" which was sloppy of me. As I said, I was trying to show how the buffer cache looks from the perspective of the background writer, and therefore lumping them together because that's how SyncOneBuffer views them. A buffer cache full of either type will be largely ignored by the LRU writer, and that's what I've been finding when running insert/update heavy workloads like pgbench.

If I might suggest a terminology change to avoid this confusion in the future, I'd like to rename the SyncOneBuffer "skip_pinned" parameter to something like "skip_active", which is closer to the real behavior. I know Oracle refers to these as "hot" and "cold" LRU entries.

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