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  Christian Bird <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm a grad student at UC Davis studying the postgres community and I
> wanted to know if some on this list could help me out.  I'm studying
> the factors that affect people "graduating" from being mailing list
> participant to developers with write access to the repository.  Is it
> possible to find out who is being employed to work on postgres and who
> is doing it on their own time?  Some of my data points to there being
> two ways that people make the jump.  More specifically, could those
> who worked on apache as some aspect of their job prior to getting repo
> access let me know?  Or if there are devs who know this information
> about others, I'd be really appreciative to get it.  Thanks a lot.

Si Chen from Open Source Strategies talked to a number of mailing list
contributors (which is different than code contributors) a year or two
ago. They are supposed to have a web page about this at
but I am getting a 500 error right now. The rest of their web pages are
working, so they may still be there. There is a contact link on their main
page which you might use to contact them and see if you can get access to
those results.

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