Mario Weilguni wrote:
Am Dienstag, 13. März 2007 14:46 schrieb Albe Laurenz:
Mario Weilguni wrote:
Steps to reproduce:
create database testdb with encoding='UTF8';
\c testdb
create table test(x text);
insert into test values ('\244'); ==> Is akzepted, even if not UTF8.
This is working as expected, see the remark in

"It is your responsibility that the byte sequences you create
 are valid characters in the server character set encoding."

In that case, pg_dump is doing wrong here and should quote the output. IMO it cannot be defined as working as expected, when this makes any database dumps worthless, without any warnings at dump-time.

pg_dump should output \244 itself in that case.

The sentence quoted from the docs is perhaps less than a model of clarity. I would take it to mean that no client-encoding -> server-encoding translation will take place. Does it really mean that the server will happily accept any escaped byte sequence, whether or not it is valid for the server encoding? If so that seems ... odd.



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