Martijn van Oosterhout <> writes:
> What is the actual problem being solved here? That people expected the
> timezone changes to be picked up automatically?  think if you weigh it
> up, that problem is less significant than: ...

One other point is that symlinking to system timezone info will not
cause Postgres to "pick up changes automatically".  You'll probably
still need a postmaster restart to get the new settings loaded in.
If the timezone info update is delivered as part of a Postgres update,
the need for this is fairly obvious, but if it's happening as part
of an update of a seemingly unrelated package, not so much.

To me, the idea of linking to system timezone info is a convenience
for packagers, and it is (and should be) the packagers' responsibility
to determine whether it's a sane idea for their environment.  If they
are competent to determine that, they are certainly competent enough
to make it happen without assistance from our configure script.

                        regards, tom lane

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