Josh Berkus wrote:
>> And then what? dynamically construct all your SQL queries?
>> Sure, sounds like a simple solution to me...
> Not to mention DB security issues.  How do you secure your database when 
> your web client has DDL access?
> So, Edward, the really *interesting* idea would be to come up with a 
> secure, normalized way to do UDFs *without* EAV tables.  People would be 
> very impressed.

I have a system with many essentially user-defined fields, and was
thinking of creating something similar to an Array type and writing
some GIST indexes for it.

My current workaround is to store them as a YAML document and use
tsearch to index it (with application logic to further refine the
results) - but a EAV datatype that could be put in tables and
effectively indexed would be of quite a bit of interest here.
And yes, a better say to do UDFs would be even cooler.

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