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NikhilS <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> To allow both of the above to hold, I think the subselect will have to
> treated like a EXPR_SUBLINK subquery. I was wondering if we have a
> mechanism for plain selects/subselects to check and restrict their
output to
> a single row.

No.  Offhand I think you'd either need to relax EXPR_SUBLINK to allow
multiple output columns, or invent a ROW_SUBLINK SubLinkType that is
just like EXPR_SUBLINK except for allowing multiple output columns.
The latter would probably be less likely to break other things...

Yeah, was looking at EXPR_SUBLINK and its single column use case and drove
to the same conclusion that inventing a new sublink type would be better
too. It is indeed becoming a "not so simple and narrow fix" as you had
mentioned earlier in your first response :)

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