The current buildfarm webpages make it easy to see when a branch tip
is seriously broken, but it's not very easy to investigate transient
failures, such as a regression test race condition that only
materializes once in awhile.  I would like to have a way of seeing
just the failed build attempts across all machines running a given
branch.  Ideally it would be possible to tag failures as to the cause
(if known) and/or symptom pattern, and then be able to examine just
the ones without known cause or having similar symptoms.

I'm not sure how much of this is reasonable to try to do with webpages
similar to what we've got.  But the data is all in a database AIUI,
so another possibility is to do this work via SQL.  That'd require
having the ability to pull the information from the buildfarm database
so someone else could manipulate it.

So I guess the first question is can you make the build data available,
and the second is whether you're interested in building more flexible
views or just want to let someone else do that.  Also, if anyone does
make an effort to tag failures, it'd be good to somehow push that data
back into the master database, so that we don't end up duplicating such

                        regards, tom lane

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