Tom Lane wrote:
> The current buildfarm webpages make it easy to see when a branch tip
> is seriously broken, but it's not very easy to investigate transient
> failures, such as a regression test race condition that only
> materializes once in awhile.  I would like to have a way of seeing
> just the failed build attempts across all machines running a given
> branch.  Ideally it would be possible to tag failures as to the cause
> (if known) and/or symptom pattern, and then be able to examine just
> the ones without known cause or having similar symptoms.
> I'm not sure how much of this is reasonable to try to do with webpages
> similar to what we've got.  But the data is all in a database AIUI,
> so another possibility is to do this work via SQL.  That'd require
> having the ability to pull the information from the buildfarm database
> so someone else could manipulate it.
> So I guess the first question is can you make the build data available,
> and the second is whether you're interested in building more flexible
> views or just want to let someone else do that.  Also, if anyone does
> make an effort to tag failures, it'd be good to somehow push that data
> back into the master database, so that we don't end up duplicating such
> work.

If the data is already there and just not represented, just let me know
exactly what you want and I will implement pages for that data happily.

Joshua D. Drake

>                       regards, tom lane
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