>> It's intended to parse as much as possible out of the existing files.
>> Unfortunately, the makefiles aren't consistent enough to make this
>> always work, which is why each project in /bin/ for example is added
>> manually. In /contrib/ they're a lot more consistent, so they're
>> auto-parsed.
>> But - what specifically do you want to know? I'll be happy to give the
>> details if I know what you're after :-)
> What I want to know is how resistant it is to breakage. Will it break if
> we add or remove a source file?


> A header?

No, unless it requires changing the global include path.

> A directory?

As a part of the existing makefile structure? No.
As a new makefile target (say a new directory in /bin for a new .exe)? Yes.

> A library?

If the library is required to build, yes, it will need to be added.
If it's optional, it will still work but not use the library, until added.
If you mean a library that we *build* (like libpq), yes (unless it's in
contrib where it's picked up automatically).


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