Tom Lane skrev:
The money type is considered deprecated. I was also under the impression
it would be eventually removed. Why are we accumulating TODOs for it?

Because doing the TODOs would remove the reasons for deprecating it.

Whether it is actually ever going to disappear is not agreed upon.

What is the reason to keep it? The arguments I've seen is that numeric is too slow to use when you have a lot of money calculations to perform.

But with that argument we should instead make a general artitmetic type that is fast and useful to more things than just money. Just drop the currency from money and we have one such type.

Would we accept other money-like types, with other units? Like kilogram, liter, yards, square meters, and so on? And what use is the unit in money? It's not like it will do currency conversion or anything like that.

I think money should go away and the database should provide more general types.


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