> The samples are on A5 rather than A4.  I wonder if the PostgreSQL docs
> were output to A$ whether that might help me, because I'd be able to 
> double the size before lines flowed off the screen?   Thanks for this
> info about Gentium -- I rather like it.
>>> I suppose the question to ask now is: what is the current production
>>> system for the PDFs?  If that is known then we can see what variables
>>> can be adjusted within reason.  I'd like to improve it for me and others
>>> in my position without making it typographically hideous for fully sighted
>>> people :-).
>> We use openjade.
> Ah, so the HTML is the source,

No, docbook is the source of which you apply DSSSL to to generate PS,
PDF, HTML, XML, Latex etc..

Joshua D. Drake

 the DSSSL is used (about which I know
> nothing) to get (to something to get to) the PDF.  It would take me
> a while to reach the stage where I could contribute anything useful
> in this area, alas.  
>         Thank you,
>         Hugh


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