Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> Dave Page wrote:
>> Peter Eisentraut wrote:
>>> Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>>>> Funny :). What can I do to help get 8.2.4 branched?
>>> There is no branching involved, but you can look into
>>> src/tools/RELEASE_CHANGES and see what things you want to help with. 
>>> Getting a release changes list would be a start.
>> We're just starting to get the process nice and streamlined with all the
>> various binary builds, announcements and CVE embargos (when needed).
>> Perhaps it's not such a good idea to start reassigning tasks to random
>> people (no offence JD) without discussion and agreement from those
>> normally responsible?
> No offense taken, I think Peter was saying... Hey this is something you
> (being me) could probably do, to help the continuation of that process.
> It is (i would guess) certainly something that people don't like doing
> in general and thus would help get the ball rolling.
> I don't mind either way, but 8.2.4 needs to be released. If my putting
> together a changes list will help with that. I will do so.

I would assume that would be a big help, especially given that Bruce is
busy with the patch queue right now.

There is another point to putting it out fairly soon - we're entering
feature freeze, and most devs would likely want to focus on 8.3 at that
time. Probably a good thing to get 8.2.4 out before that (which really
means we should've started a couple of weeks back, but hey, we can't
have everything)


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