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Related to this, when are we going to get the Japanese po files in the core distribution?

No idea. In my understanding, current message translating system has
serious problem if wrong locale and encoding is provided(has this
issue been solved in 8.3?).

That's certainly true, and it's not solved.  But how does keeping the
Japanese po files out of the distribution improve the matter?

We are doing the support including the trouble. It was thought that the place of JPUG was preferable for the reasons why they were problems too peculiar to Japan. Then, The system of the support of Honda-san who was the representative of the document team had functioned enough up to now.
However, it is not the one to refuse to do the distribution with the main body.
It should discuss it again in the document team for the reasons why the one that was the effort to match to the release schedule of the main body becomes stronger.
Anyway, Please wait for the response from Honda-san for a while.

Hiroshi Saito

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