Gregory Stark wrote:
Obviously a big part of that is that we just don't have enough committers. I'm
hopeful that in time that situation will improve but in the meantime we do
have a problem and the burden falls unfairly on a few.

Is there anything others can do to help? If non-committers like Simon or I
reviewed patches would it be easier for you to give a quick agreement to the
comments or "that's not an issue" comment?

It seems like we do have a few committers who should be able to review code
quality but are uncertain about making major design decisions. If, for
example, Bruce or Jan reviewed patches more invasive than they usually do for
code quality and checked with you on design questions would that be helpful?

I try to review things that I feel are well within my area of competence (e.g plperl, sql level commands) but I feel more hesitant about things very deep inside the backend - there's more danger I'll miss something subtle there.

Outside events have conspired to make both reviewing and coding harder for me to get done this cycle.

As for "major design decisions", these should not be in the hands of a reviewer anyway - they should be explicitly discussed on list.

There is plenty of scope for people to review patches if they aren't committers. In fact, it is highly encouraged. Please review anything on the patch list you feel able to.



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