Pavan Deolasee wrote:
> > Earlier we were talking about not inserting any HOT tuples until the index
> > became valid. The goal of having an xid on the index was so we would know
> > when
> > we could start doing HOT updates again. That seems like a much lesser cost
> > than not being able to use the index until all live transactions exit.
> What I am proposing is to keep index unusable for existing transactions.
> The index is available for all new transactions even if there are unfinished
> existing transactions. Is that a big problem ? Well, I still need buy-in and
> review from Tom and others on the design, but it seems workable to me.

Yes, that seems totally acceptable to me.  As I remember, the index is
usable by the transaction that created it, and new transactions.  Hard
to see how someone would have a problem with that.

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