> Hello Everyone,
> I very much understand why SJIS is not a server encoding. It contains
> ASCII second bytes (including \ and ' both of which can be really
> nasty inside a normal sql) and further, half-width katakana is
> represented as one byte-characters, incidentally two of which coincide
> with a kanji.
> My question is, however: what would be the best practice if it was
> imperative to use SJIS encoding for texts and no built-in conversions
> are useful? To elaborate, I need to support japanese emoji characters,
> which are special emoticons for mobile phones. These characters are
> usually in a region that is not specified by the standard SJIS,
> therefore they are not properly converted either to EUC or UTF8 (which
> would be my prefered choice, but unfortunately not all mobile phones
> support it, so conversion is still necessary - from what i've seen,
> the new SJIS_2004 map seems to define these entities, but I'm not 100%
> sure they all get converted properly).
> I inherited a system in which this problem is "bypassed" by setting
> SQL_ASCII server encoding, but that is not the best solution (full
> text search is rendered useless and occasionally the special character
> issue rears its ugly head - not only do we have to deal with normal
> sqlinjection, but also encoding-based injections) (and for the real
> WTF, my predecessor converted everything to EUC before inserting -
> eventually losing all the emojis and creating all sorts of strange
> phenomena, like tables with one column in euc until a certain date and
> sjis from then on while euc for all other columns)
> Is there a way to properly deal with sjis+emoji extensions (a patch
> i'm not aware of, for example), is it considered as a todo for further
> releases or should i consider augmenting postgres in a way (if the
> latter, could you provide any pointers on how to proceed?)

You can always use CREATE CONVERSION for this kind of purpose.
Create your own conversion map between SJIS <--> EUC or UT-8.
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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