Albe Laurenz wrote:
What I suggest (and what Oracle implements, and isn't CHR() and ASCII()
partly for Oracle compatibility?) is that CHR() and ASCII()
convert between a character (in database encoding) and
that database encoding in numeric form.

Looking at Oracle documentation, it appears that you get different behavior from CHR(X [USING NCHAR_CS]) depending on whether you call it with the argument USING NCHAR_CS. Oracle 9i and higher have an additional function called NCHR(X) which is supposed to be the same as CHR(X USING NCHAR_CS).

On it says that "To use UTF8, you specify using nchar_cs in the argument list". Does this mean that CHR(X) behaves as Tom Lane wants, and NCHR(X) behaves as Albe Laurenz wants? Vice versa?

I'm not saying that Oracle compatibility is paramount. But if we can get compatibility and a reasonable implementation at the same time, that seems like a bonus.

Once again, I don't have Oracle installed and cannot test this :(


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