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Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
LET_OS_MANAGE_FILESIZE is good way. I think one problem of this option I fixed. It is size of offset. I went thru the code and did not see any other problem there. However, how you mentioned it need more testing. I going to take server with large disk array and I will test it.

I would like to add --enable-largefile switch to configure file to enable access to wide group of users. What you think about it?

Yeah, I was going to suggest the same thing --- but not with that switch
name.  We already use enable/disable-largefile to control whether 64-bit
file access is built at all (this mostly affects pg_dump at the moment).

hmm :( It looks that ./configure largefile detection does not work on Solaris.

I think the clearest way might be to flip the sense of the variable.
I never found "LET_OS_MANAGE_FILESIZE" to be a good name anyway.  I'd
suggest "USE_SEGMENTED_FILES", which defaults to "on", and you can
turn it off via --disable-segmented-files if configure confirms your
OS has largefile support (thus you could not specify both this and

It sounds good. There is one think for clarification (for the present). How to handle buffile? It does not currently support non segmented files. I suggest to use same switch to enable/disable segments there.


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