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I'll see what I can do on the NetBSD and Solaris fronts.

IMO, the Solaris one is probably more important than NetBSD.

Solaris is taken care of ... should be online in a week or two.  Sun DBTG Q.A.
set up in the Sun labs:

Solaris 9 + Sparc + SunCC
Solaris 8 + Sparc + SunCC
Solaris 10 + Sparc + SunCC
Solaris 10 + x86 + SunCC
Solaris 10 + x86 + gcc
Solaris Nevada + Sparc + SunCC
Solaris Nevada + x86 + SunCC
Solaris Nevada + x86 + gcc

... which ought to cover most of the platforms we're interested in from
Solaris.  The 8 and 9 machines will just build current, but the 10 and Nevada
machines will build CVS, 8.1, 8.2 and rotationally older versions (once each
week).  We're building in as many options as we have support for, including
perl, kerberos (on Nevada), Dtrace (on 8.2) and integer-datetimes.

Given Sun handling Solaris, my question is:

1) what os(s) do we need more coverage on
2) what collection of options for OS' in 1?


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