I'm trying to get the buildfarm to run on my XP x64 machine (still in
32-bit mode), and it's acting weird on me :-(

The plpython tests because of:
+ NOTICE:  ('import failed -- No module named bisect',)

! ERROR:  plpython: function "import_test_two" failed
! DETAIL:  <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named sha

All other plpython tests work fine. It appears to load all other modules

Running the following little python script directly on the
commandline works fine:

import sha
 print sha.new('foo').hexdigest()

in c:\python25\lib I have sha.py and sha.pyc. I also have random, array etc
- the other modules that the plpython tests run, and that work.
Permissions are the same on all these files, the buildfarm user can read
the files fine. And the fact that caling python directly seems to indicate
that the path shuold be fine...

I know very little about python... :( Any pointers? 


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