Dave Page wrote:
New buildfarm member Narwhal is failing the PL regression tests for Python on REL8_1_STABLE. This appears to be because it's running Python 2.5 (the causes being a deprecated module - whrandom - and some changed messages).

The former problem was fixed by Peter, and the latter by Tom but both only for 8.2+`- any reason this wasn't backported to 8.1? I couldn't find anything in the archives.


The question in my mind is this: how much do we back-patch to cover new and incompatible releases of software we depend on? Python 2.5 was released on 19 Sept 2006, long after Postgres 8.1. I guess you could make a case to say that we should back-patch to the release immediately before the library change.

(BTW, it is possible to include python only in certain branches in your buildfarm client - examples are in the config file).



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