Mark Dilger wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Mark Dilger wrote:
The \COPY command rejects multibyte delimiters. Is this intentional behavior?

It is certainly a known limitation, and I suspect removing it could add non-trivial overhead to the input processing.

What is the use case for using such a delimiter?

I'm working on fixing bugs relating to multibyte character encodings. I wasn't sure whether this was a bug or not. I don't think we should use the phrasing "COPY delimiter must be a single character" when, in utf8 land, I did in fact use a single character. We might say "a single byte", or we might extend the functionality to handle multibyte characters.

Doing the latter would be a feature, and so is of course right off the table for this release. Changing the error messages to be clearer should be fine.



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