* Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [070418 01:33]:
> Um ... why do either of you feel there's an issue there?
> We switched over to $PostgreSQL$ a few years ago specifically to avoid
> creating merge problems for downstream repositories.  If there are any
> other keyword expansions left in the source text I'd vote to remove
> them.  If you have a problem with $PostgreSQL$, why?

Mine is only a generic warning. I convert many CVS repos to GIT, all
using the same gateway setup, so I haven't done anything "specific" for
PostgreSQL.  Most other projects are not as diciplined as PostgreSQL,
and I regularly see Modified, Date, Id, Log, etc keywords, as well as
project specific ones like PostgreSQL, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, etc...

Un-expansion *may* not be perfect...


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