Aidan Van Dyk wrote:
> * Aidan Van Dyk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [070418 15:03]:
> > > Then how do you tell what version a file is if it's outside of a
> > > checkout?
> > 
> > That's what all the fun is about ;-)  Some would say that "labelling" the
> > file is the job of the release processes.  Others say it's the job of
> > the SCM system...
> Noting that if you take something "outside of a checkout" means you've
> "released" it from the VCS...

Which is not always what happens in reality.  Consider for example that
we borrowed some files from NetBSD, OpenBSD, Tcl, zic and others.  It
would be nice to know exactly at what point we borrowed the file, so we
can go to the upstream repo and check if there's any bug fix that we
should also apply to our local copy.  And we _also_ modify locally the
file of course, so just digesting the file we have to get a SHA1 (or
whatever) identifier is not an option.

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