Magnus Hagander wrote:
Hmm, PGSemaphoreUnlock() actually ignore this error, only log that it happens.

No. It does ereport(FATAL) which terminates the backend.

Oh, now I see, sorry :) Indeed on this one connection we receive exception "FATAL: could not unlock semaphore", after that rollback failed because of IO error during write to connection and that was caused by "Connection reset by peer: socket write error".

As I mentioned previously after it happens others connections were hung on update operations. What is strange we cannot reproduce this problem on Linux. But we can do this on Windows. What another information should we provide?

Doesn't the postmaster restart all other backends due to the FATAL error?
Are you saying that you can no longer make new connections to the server,
or is the problem coming from that the aplpication doesn't like that the
server kicked out all connections?

No, we are sure that he didn't do that. As I mentioned above one connection was terminated, but other ones were hung on update operations. In this state it was possible to create new connection from PGAdmin and do some select and update operations. In addition I can say that we use only read-commited transactions and all operations are based on prepared statemens which are reused.

If you can produce a self-contained test-case, that would certainly make
debugging a lot easier. So if it's possible - but I realise that might not
be easy for a problem like this :-)

Our test case is our application, but unfortunately I cannot send it to you. I will think about test case, but I need to find a time for writing it :( I can reproduce error and provide all information you need from PostgreSQL. Please instruct me what to do :)

Regards, Marcin

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