Alvaro Herrera wrote:

Yeah; the agreement we had was that 8.3 would be a short release.  So if
we're going to take too long to review and apply the outstanding patches
we have, we should rather push them to 8.4, get 8.3 released quickly and
then go on with the regular annual release.  The postponed patches can
be reviewed and committed early in 8.4, instead of at the last minute in
8.3.  Sounds like a smarter, safer move.

Hmm, I do not have an overview on this, but like Alvaro mentions, the shorter release cycles for 8.3 was done because we felt that a number of patches that were originally slated for 8.2 were almost but not quite ready for 8.2. So are all of those patches from back then ready to go into 8.3? If not then it would indicate that fast tracking a release cycle for patches there are not quite there yet is not paying off?

Otherwise, if all/most of the patches originally planned for 8.2 have made it into 8.3, everything is good. If new additions are not yet ready then they will just get bumped to 8.4, just like the changes that got bumped to 8.3.


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