Dave Page wrote:

In my original message I described my thinking:

- Developer submits patch, with additional info through a web interface.

- The web interface formats an email containing the patch description,
patch and any other info entered, assigns it a patch number, and
forwards it to the patches list.

- Discussion ensues on list as per normal. The tracking system monitors
the list and automatically attaches any posts to the patch that have the
appropriate reference in the subject line.

- Community members and committers can review the entire discussion
through the systems web interface. Updated patches could be submitted

- Committers log into the system when necessary to alter the status
(committed, rejected, awaiting revision, under review etc), or the queue
name (8.3, 8.4 etc). This could also be done automagically via email
keywords from specific addresses.

You would no longer need to manually manage the queue, and the
committers would simply need to tweak the status flag as required.

You can look on Apache Derby project. I think everything what you mentioned there Derby project is using.

See http://db.apache.org/derby/


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