> We're having a short 8.3 cycle because we wanted to shift our release
> schedule from Autumn to Spring. That would get us back to releasing in
> Autumn.

Er, no.  We wanted to change the cycle to avoid having Feature Freeze occur at 
midsummer (N. hemisphere) when many of our committers are unavailable due to 
conferences or vacation.  


Question #559: Would changing version control systems help us on this at all?  
I'm specifically thinking of preventing bitrot; would using a decentralized 
VCS allow patch authors to easily prevent bitrot on their own?


I do like the idea of a web management interface for patches.  It has a number 
of additional advantages:

-- Advocacy volunteers would know what's under development and thus what they 
can talk about at user groups

-- Advanced users who are interested in a specific patch could download that 
patch early, test it for their own applications, and supply feedback to the 
community even before feature freeze.

-- A more organized queue would make backporting by the backports project 

-- We could save the patches by applied date and index them, and then have a 
place to point users when they ask: "When was X fixed?  Do I *have* to 
upgrade to 8.1 or just 8.0?"

-- It would make it easier to manage Google Summer of Code students and their 

-- The status of a partially complete patch abandoned by its author would be 
much clearer and thus more likely to get picked up by someone else.

-- The patch manager could eventually be integrated with the Buildfarm to do 
automated patch testing.

Overall, I think this would be an excellent direction to move for 8.4.  As web 
applications go, it doesn't even sound hard; I think I could write it if I 
weren't on airplanes all the time.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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