On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 22:44 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:

Nice summary Tom.

> * Re: [PATCHES] [Fwd: Deferred Transactions, Transaction Guarantee
>       and COMMITwithout waiting]  /Simon Riggs/
> Simon is on the hook to submit an updated patch.  I hope this one
> makes it in, as it looks like a really nice performance improvement
> for those who can use it; but the original patch seems overcomplicated.

It will, but it will be next week now. Changes agreed though.

> * [PATCHES] Minor recovery changes  /Simon Riggs/
> The submission mentions open issues --- when will those be resolved?
> Should we apply the patch-so-far anyway?

Patch is OK to go in as-is. There are open issues, but they need more
thought and discussion and I regret won't happen in a reasonable
timescale due to other work.

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