Stephen Frost wrote:

> I don't have time right at the moment (leaving shortly and will be gone
> all weekend) but what I would do is check the SQL standard, especially
> the information schema, for any requirement to track the grantor.  Much
> of what I did was based on the standard so that may have been the
> instigation for tracking grantor.

Hmm.  I had forgotten the information schema.  I just checked: the only
view using pg_auth_members is APPLICABLE_ROLES, and that one doesn't
display the grantor column.

> Though, even without that, we track
> the grantor of most other grants (possibly all currently?) and it seems
> like a useful bit of information for DBAs to be able to know who granted
> what to whom.

I note that the grantor of ACLs are listed separately, for example in

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