I would like to add one point:

Bruce Momjian wrote:

Patch committers check several things before applying a patch:

1)  Follows the SQL standard or community agreed-upon behavior
2)  Style merges seamlessly into the surrounding code
3)  Written as simply and efficiently as possible
4)  Uses the available PostgreSQL subsystems properly
5)  Contains sufficient comments
6)  Contains code that works on all supported operating systems
7)  Has proper documentation
8)  Passes all regression tests

  8.5) Contains regression test(s) which covered performed changes

9)  Behaves as expected, even under unusual cirumstances
10)  Contains no reliability risks
11)  Does not overly complicate the source code
12)  If performance-related, it should have a measureable performance benefit
13)  Is of sufficient usefulness to the average PostgreSQL user
14)  Follows existing PostgreSQL coding standards


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