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Jim Nasby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
On a related note, it would also be *really* nice if we kept stats on
how many sorts or hashes had spilled to disk, perhaps along with how
much had spilled. Right now the only way to monitor that in a
production system is to setup a cron job to watch pgsql_tmp, which is
far from elegant.

No, you can turn on trace_sort and track it from watching the log.
If pgfouine hasn't got something for that already, I'd be surprised.

There's several problems with that. First, trace_sort isn't documented (or at least it's not in postgresql.conf), so most folks don't know it exists. Second, in order to see it's output you have to drop log_min_messages to debug. That results in a huge log volume, especially on a production system.

Aside from that, log files are not a good way to monitor performance, they should be used for reporting on exception conditions. If the log was meant to be the means for monitoring performance, then why have the statistics system at all?

As for pgfouine, I've never been to a customer that knew what it was. But almost all of them have other monitoring tools such as cricket, MRTG and Nagios setup. Those that don't at least know they exist.
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