Tom Lane wrote:
> Hiroshi Inoue <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Could someone confirm the following my recognition ?
>>   The LPGL package could add and release a copy of some Postgres BSD
>>   licensed code as LGPL ones together with the current LGPL code and
>>   then the package is still entirely LGPL.
> No, the files you borrowed from Postgres remain BSD --- you cannot
> unilaterally relicense someone else's code.

Oops I've completely misunderstood it.
Probably I misread some articles about the coexistence.
Many thanks.

> This does not actually affect anything, since the BSD license terms are
> more liberal than LGPL: you can distribute the combined package just as
> easily as if it were all-LGPL, and anyone using the package is still
> effectively bound by the LGPL terms for the useful parts. But it would
> be appropriate to note that "files X,Y,Z are distributed under a
> different license, namely <insert PG terms here>".

Thanks for your clear explanation.

Hiroshi Inoue

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