Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Not to my knowledge, but I have no method of testing what's going on,
> and I hate guessing like this - in fact this is what has worried me all
> along about supporting MSVC builds - we always said we didn't want to
> have to have 2 build environments, but now we have two and we'll be
> supporting them forever, even though one of them is not used by 95% of
> our developers. I realise that MSVC builds are likely to perform better,
> but we have now got a situation where we are likely to have breakage on
> a regular basis, ISTM.

It's not just that they perform better - we also get a debugger that
actually works well (yes, I know newer gdb's apparently do work on
Mingw; but even a fully functional GDB doesn't come close to VC++), but
more importantly it's looking more and more like it'll be our only way
of producing a 64bit build for Windows.

> (sorry to grumble - it's been a very frustrating 24 hours)


Regards, Dave.

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