Dave Page wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:

So I now state fairly confidently that baiji is failing to overwrite
*any* of the installation tree, /share and /bin both, and instead is
testing an installation dating from sometime between May 1 and May 11.

Close. There was an Msys build from the 9th running on port 5432.

So, it seems there are a couple of issues here:

1) There appears to be no way to specify the default port number in the
MSVC build. The buildfarm passes it to configure for regular builds,
which obviously isn't run in VC++ mode, thus leaving the build on 5432.

2) VC++ and Msys builds will both happily start on the same port at the
same time. The first one to start listens on 5432 until it shuts down,
at which point the second server takes over seamlessly! It doesn't
matter which is started first - it's as if Windows is queuing up the
listens on the port.

Confusingly, the similar behaviour is reproducible on XP Pro, except the
 connection seems to go to the last server started, instead of the first!

I'll look at the port mess.

Are you running 2 buildfarm members on the same machine? If so, you should look at using the multi-root factility which is explicitly designed to avoid clashes of this sort.



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