Bruce Momjian wrote:

In Debian's bug tracking system, when the bug is created (which is done
by sending an email to a certain address) it gets a number, and the
email is distributed to certain lists.  People can then reply to that
mail, and send messages to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and it gets tracked in
the bug, and you can see all those messages in the bug report.  I
ass-ume that BZ 3.0 does something similar.

But often a TODO item has multiple threads containing details (often
months apart), and it isn't obvious at the time the thread is started
that this will happen.  Note the number of TODO items that now have
multiple URLs.  How is that handled?

Well you can certainly merge tickets, but one of the ideas would be to help stop that :)...

Hey what about foo... oh we discussed that *here*...

Joshua D. Drake

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