Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:

PL/PSM, link wrong (goes to guc temp_tablespaces). This can certainly be
developed outside of core. Don't get me wrong I like the feature but it
can take advantage of facilities outside of core.
url fixed - I wonder why we had so much of them and all those pointing
to the patch list bruce maintains - are the urls to the mails there not
stable somehow ?

They are not stable.  The items should point to the archives, which are
supposedly more stable.  (I had already fixed one item in PatchStatus
this morning).  Really it would be much nicer to have links using the
Message-Id but I doubt that's at all doable.

I think we discussed it once... I don't remember the reason why we didn't go that direction.

Joshua D. Drake

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