On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 07:01:39PM -0400, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Unless you're really in love with doing that sort of thing it's really
> > good that someone else did it. You're one of a handful of folks that can
> > actually review patches, while there's any number of us that can update
> > a wiki.
> Sure.  Good idea.  All I had to do was ask (10 times, though).  ;-)
Even having to ask 10 times undoubtedly was a lot faster than doing it
yourself though. :)

> > Speaking of reviewers... should we put some thought into how we can
> > increase the number of people who can review code? It seems that's one
> > of our biggest bottlenecks...
> Sure.  That is going to move us forward.

So... any ideas? :)
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