Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > In talking to people who are assigned to review patches or could review
> > patches, I often get the reply, "Oh, yea, I need to do that".
> >
> > Folks, we are six weeks into feature freeze and have made slim progress
> > on getting patches reviewed and applied.  As I stated earlier, we are
> > now looking at August/September for beta, but that might be pushed back
> > even later if we don't get more progress.
> >
> > It seems there is a lot of reliance on Tom to get the patches applied,
> > but I don't think that is fair or reasonable.  I think we need more
> > urgency on the part of everyone to make faster progress.  Patch
> > reviewers and committers need to take more initiative to get things done
> > rather than wait for some external force to prompt them.
> >
> >   
> I at least feel uncomfortable about reviewing code that deals with areas 
> I have not touched much, and where I feel the author probably knows a 
> lot more than me. The chance of my catching errors/problems in such a 
> case is much lower.

Yep, that is part of our problem, but even items people have already
said they _can_ review have shown little progress.

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