Cui Shijun wrote:
I see...
I checked part of HOT patches(patch1), and found that it involves too
many things I am not currently familar with. Maybe I should change an
item to work. :-(

Yeah, that's one big patch..

Since I only studied part of source codes about transaction
processing(lmgr/MVCC/xact  but without xlog.c),  I want to study
"Group Commit" patch and try to review it, any suggestions?

There's no group commit patch, just some discussion, and probably won't be until 8.4.

Maybe one of these would interest you:
- deferred transaction/waitless COMMIT
- full page writes improvement
- maintaining cluster order on insert
- heap page diagnostic functions

Make sure you look at the latest version of the patches.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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