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When I start working on a subject, I make a new checkout from the local
repository to a designated directory under "pg_sandbox"-directory. For
example, when I started working on the mvcc-safe cluster patch:

~/pg_sandbox$ cvs -d /home/hlinnaka/pgcvsrepository cvs co pgsql
~/pg_sandbox$ mv pgsql pgsql.cluster

You can use cvs co -d pgsql.cluster to save the above step.

~/pg_sandbox$ cd pgsql.cluster
~/pg_sandbox/pgsql.cluster$ cvs update -dP   # Remove empty dirs.
There's a checkout-flag for that as well, but I never remember it...
~/pg_sandbox/pgsql.cluster$ ./configure --enable-depend --enable-cassert
--enable-debug --prefix=/home/hlinnaka/pgsql.cluster

I find configuring with CFLAGS="-g -O0" more useful.

For primitive version control, I make a diff after any significant changes:

~/pg_sandbox/pgsql.cluster$ cvs diff -cN > cluster-mvcc-1.patch

I usually commit each version and tag the tree. That helps me to get
diff between two versions as well.


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