Afaik Tom hadn't finished his patch when I was testing things, so I don't know. But we're in the process of benchmarking a new system (dual quad-core Xeon) and we'll have a look at how it performs in the postgres 8.2dev we used before, the stable 8.2.4 and a fresh HEAD-checkout (which we'll call 8.3dev). I'll let you guys (or at least Tom) know how they compare in our benchmark.

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On 18-5-2007 15:12 Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
Arjen van der Meijden told me that according to the
benchmark, HEAD is noticeably slower than 8.2.4, and I soon confirmed
here that for small SELECT queries issued as separate transactions,
there's a significant difference.  I think much of the difference stems
from the fact that we now have stats_row_level ON by default, and so
every transaction sends a stats message that wasn't there by default
in 8.2.  When you're doing a few thousand transactions per second
(not hard for small read-only queries) that adds up.

So, did this patch make the performance problem go away?

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