Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
> Shachar Shemesh wrote:
>> Hi guys of the pgsql-hackers list.
>> I've received a bug report on the OLE DB list, which I suspect is
>> actually a server bug. The correspondence so far is listed further on,
>> but, in a nutshell, user runs an OLE DB client on windows (OLE DB uses
>> the binary interface), and server version 8.1.9 on Windows, and all is
>> fine. When the server is switched to 8.1.8 on Debian Etch on ARM9,
>> float8 type is not received properly by OLE DB.
> if 8.1.8 is built based on the debian packages it is probably compiled
> with --enable-integer-datetimes.
> Is the oledb client library able to cope with that ?
I'm calling "GetPgStatus(&stat, _bstr_t("integer_datetimes") );" to find
out what the server representation is, and cope accordingly. This only
doesn't work on 7.4 servers, but otherwise I'm fine.

either way, this is off topic to this problem.

>From further reading, it seems that ARM indeed uses its own
representation for IEEE floats. I'll try to poll my sources, try and
find out what the %([EMAIL PROTECTED]&$ this format actually is (google was no 
and try and formulate a patch for PG to export it in IEEE despite the
> Stefan

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