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What would making a branch actually do for you? The only advantage I can see is that it will give you a way of checkpointing your files.

Exactly. It's not as bad now, but when I was getting started there were lots of times I got something working and I wanted a clean way to save it in that state before I started messing with anything else--such that I could backtrack what I did if I later broke it. This style of work has some advantages for working on other people's patches as well, especially if you're trying to review two at once and it takes you a while to finish--the situation I always find myself in.

I don't see how you can do it reasonably off a local cvs mirror - rsync will just blow away any changes you have checked in next time you sync with the master.

It's certainly not easy. I try not to let the fact that what I'd like to do may actually be impossible ever discourage me.

There are at least three ways to approach this general problem just counting the rsync/CVS variations, each with some obvious and some subtle advantages/disadvantages. I'm still in the stage where I'm mapping out the options.

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