On 4/15/07, Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Well, if we're going to make libxslt an explicit thing, then it'd be
trivial to add an xslt transformation function into the core, and then
I think we can claim equivalent support.  But we'll have to check the
details, of course.

I have been thinking, however, that I don't want to add more and more
library dependencies into the server.  libxml2 was necessary to some
extent.  But xslt functionality could easily be provided as a module.
This would be easy to do and might be useful even for 8.3.  But I don't
really know how to label that.  Having a contrib/xslt alongside
contrib/xml2 would probably be confusing.  Ideas?

The current CVS' configure is really confusing: it has "--with-xslt"
option, while there is no XSLT support in the core. At least let's
change the option's comment to smth like "build with XSLT support (now
it is used for contrib/xml2 only)"...

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