Dear Developers,
Hi, I am Tasneem Memon doing MS Computer Science. I am working on my thesis 
these days, for which I have defined some operators theoritically as well as 
their algorithms, and intend to implement them in PostgreSQL. These 
operators(NEAR, NOT NEAR) are binary and work with NUMBER and DATE data types. 
Now I need to implement support for them in the parser. But I haven't worked on 
the optimization of the operators. And also I am new to database systems 
programming, I am quite confused about what to do now and if I am going the 
right direction!Please Guide me what should I do next.With best regards,

Tasneem Ishaque Memon MS (Computer Science) Institute of Mathmetics and 
Computer Science University of Sindh, Jamshoro Pakistan The process of gaining knowledge is not 
producing results but clearing away ignorance.
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