Tom Lane wrote:
OK, I studied it a bit more and now see what you're driving at: in this
form of the patch, we treat % bytewise unless it is followed by _, in
which case we treat it char-wise.  That seems a good tradeoff,
considering that such a pattern is probably pretty uncommon --- we
should be willing to handle it a bit slower to simplify other cases.

The patch seems still not right though, because you are advancing by
bytes when \ follows %, and that isn't correct in a non-UTF8 encoding.
The invariant we are actually insisting on here is that at the time of
entry to MatchText(), whether initial or recursive, t and p must be
correctly char-aligned.  I suggest the attached revision of the logic as
a way to clarify that, and maybe save a cycle or two in the inner loop
as well.

Good, thanks.
Yes, I concur we needn't bother with IsFirstByte except maybe as an
Assert.  If it is an Assert it should be up at the top of the function.

Looks like emails crossed. Glad we're on the same page. I'm away for a few days, so I'll attend to this next week.



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